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3 Issues Your DUI Defense Law Attorney Will Raise To Defend You In Your Drunk Driving Case

A drunk driving charge can take away your freedom and happiness if you don't follow the required procedures from the arrest until trial. An excellent way to increase the chances of getting acquitted or a lenient judgment is by hiring a DUI attorney to defend you in court. They will first evaluate your case to determine the strategies to use in order to get you out of this stressful situation. So take a look at some approaches your lawyer may use to bring down your charges.

Object the Reason for Your Arrest

Typically, the police must justify stopping drivers when driving on public roads. Therefore, this is one of the issues your attorney will raise when defending you in court. First, they will want the police to explain why they pulled you over. Then, the law enforcers have to prove that you were intoxicated when they arrested you. If they can't, your attorney will challenge their act, convincing the court that your arrest was unlawful.

Challenge the Results Produced by the Breathalyzer 

The police will use a breathalyzer to test the alcohol level in your blood after the arrest. Unfortunately, the equipment may be defective and therefore give inaccurate results. In this case, you may be wrongly charged. If your lawyer's investigations prove that the device was faulty, then you have ground to challenge the arrest. 

In that regard, your attorney may seek the assistance of an appliance expert to verify the functionality of the device. They may also request the expert to testify in court about their findings. With that in mind, your alcohol level was likely within the recommended limit during the arrest. The judge might dismiss your case with this concrete evidence.

Challenge the Sobriety Test Results 

Apart from the breathalyzer, the police conduct a series of other tests to check whether you've taken alcohol or drugs. For example, they might ask you to walk in a straight line to find out if you can maintain consistency from one point to the other. Failing in this test could mean that you are intoxicated. In this case, your DUI defense law attorney will challenge the results by arguing that the police instructions were unclear due to the area's noisiness. 

Hiring a DUI attorney is the first essential step when contesting drunk driving charges. They will gather all the evidence necessary to prove that you were not driving under the influence. They will then raise the issues above and any other crucial facts in court. A successful challenge will enable you to get a lesser sentence or fine. The court can also set you free without a penalty. A firm like Jarvis, McArthur & Williams can help you with more information.

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