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Do You Need To Consult A Probate Attorney?

If you're in charge of handling your deceased loved one's estate, you may have many questions on how to do so. If your loved one left behind a substantial estate as well as tax obligations and other pressing issues, you may feel even more confused about your situation. You can find the help you need by consulting a probate attorney. Learn why you need to consult a probate attorney below.

What Problems Could Your Loved One's Estate Face?

Most people (or testators) create last wills and testaments before they pass away. Wills and testaments determine how, when, and where a testator's estate is dispersed or carried out. However, large or substantial estates can be difficult to carry out. To avoid complications that could interfere with large estates, most states require wills to go through probate. 

Probate allows the state to determine whether or not your loved one's will is legally sound. If your loved one's will isn't clear or legal, you, other beneficiaries, and even creditors can't receive anything from it.

The probate process also allows the state to determine the value or worth of the deceased individual's estate. Knowing the real value of your loved one's estate can help keep creditors from unfairly taking property or assets from you and your other family members. 

If your loved one's will is in jeopardy of any of the issues above, consult a probate attorney now.

What Can a Probate Attorney Do for You?

A probate attorney will need to look over your loved one's will before they can assist you. An attorney can check the contents of the will to see if they match the contents of your loved one's estate. If an attorney finds discrepancies in the will or estate, they can take legal steps to clarify or remedy them.

An attorney can also examine your loved one's creditors. If your loved one owed creditors before they passed away, an attorney can devise a plan to pay off the debt. However, an attorney will need to be sure the debt is legal before they take care of it. 

If your loved one left behind unpaid tax debt, an attorney may need to consult the Internal Revenue Service right away. An attorney may need to complete special paperwork for the estate now and at the end of the tax year.

You can take care of your loved one's large estate and will properly by consulting a probate attorney.

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