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Auto Accidents Can Cause Injuries

When most people think about car accidents, they think about multi-car collisions. These collisions involve one vehicle hitting another, for example. The truth is that collisions are not the only type of car accident. Many other types of auto accidents occur that lead to serious injuries.

Here's what you need to know about the different types of auto accidents that can cause injuries.

Dump Truck Accidents

One way you can become injured is in a dump truck accident. You may not hit the truck, but the truck could accidentally unload on your vehicle or right in front of it. You could hit the dropped items, for example.

Trucks Missing Loads

Trucks can jackknife and experience other issues that leave the driver separate from the load. This can result in your vehicle hitting the load or being pushed into it. The impact can be serious, and a load falling on your vehicle can lead to injuries that are just as severe as if you hit the truck itself.

Overturned Vehicles

In some cases, vehicles overturn when they turn corners too quickly or too narrowly. This can mean that your vehicle overturns without ever hitting something. This could be the fault of a property owner, the city, or even the vehicle manufacturer.

Vehicle Damage

Suddenly, your vehicle might start falling apart as you are driving. In rare cases, cars spontaneously catch fire or even explode. This means that you might be injured because of the auto manufacturer.

Bumps & Holes

Bumps and holes can cause a lot of damage to your car and to your health. You could hit your head, experience whiplash, or spin out of control and experience property damage. These damages could be the fault of your city or town for failing to take care of the roadways, for example.

Driving into Waterways

Driving into a waterway can result in serious injuries and property damage, and it may not be your fault. You may have hit a major puddle or experienced flooding, both of which can lead to serious injury and damage to your vehicle.

These Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

The injuries that result from these accidents can be devastating, and they can leave you with a lot of medical bills. As a result, you may wonder if you should pursue a personal injury case.

Personal injury attorneys can help you determine the steps you should take to address your injuries. Set up a consultation with an attorney like Todd East Attorney at Law to learn more about recovering financial compensation.

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