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Handling Yourself After A Personal Injury Accident

A personal injury accident can be one of the most devastating events that a person may experience during their lives. In addition to the painful injuries that the accident can cause, it is also possible for them to incur major financial damages as a result. Being informed about your rights as an accident victim will make it easier for you to take aggressive steps to right this wrong.

Myth: You Only Need A Personal Injury Attorney If The Insurance Denies The Claim

After a major accident, one of the first things that most people will do is file a claim with their insurance carrier. This can lead to some people assuming that they will only need to hire an attorney to represent their case in the event that the insurance company denies their claim. While this is certainly a situation that will call for hiring an attorney, it can also be advisable to retain an attorney before contacting your insurance. This will allow you to be sure that any settlements that you accept fairly represent the value of the damages that you suffered.

Myth: A Personal Injury Attorney Will Take The Vast Majority Of The Money From The Settlement

One reason that a person may not hire a personal injury attorney is due to the belief that these professionals will take the majority of the compensation that is awarded to the victim. In reality, the fees that a personal injury attorney will charge are limited by the local bar association and state law. Generally, the compensation an attorney receives from one of these cases will be capped at a third of the settlement or verdict plus costs. This can ensure that the majority of the money from the settlement will be set aside for them.

Myth: Personal Injury Cases Will Always Result In Lawsuits And Trials

The exact process that is used to resolve your claim will vary based on the strength of your case as well as the strength of the defense. In some instances, you may find that the insurance or defense is relatively willing to settle the case for a fair amount in order to avoid formal litigation. However, others may not be willing to do this, which can lead to a lawsuit needing to be filed. While filing a lawsuit may end up in a formal trial, it is also still possible for the matter to be resolved through mediation and negotiations before it reaches the trial stage.

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