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How A Corporate Lawyer Can Help Your Publicly Traded Company

If your business is a publicly traded company, then it's important for you to work with the appropriate legal team. After all, your business might have a lot to lose if it doesn't handle things in a professional manner. Businesses that operate at the level that your business operates are typically held to certain responsibilities and regulations that smaller businesses are not necessarily held to. A corporate attorney can help your publicly traded company in these ways and more:

Filing Reports With the Appropriate Government Agencies

Companies that are publicly traded have to submit certain reports and documentation to different government agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission. Making sure that these reports are done properly is very important if you want to avoid regulatory issues. It is best to handle these reports with the help of a corporate attorney who truly understands what these government agencies expect and are looking for.

Assisting With Financial Documents for Shareholders, Investors, and Business Owners

Additionally, your business will be expected to submit certain financial documents and reports to the owners of the business and the shareholders. To keep these individuals happy and to make sure that the business is completely transparent about how everything is handled, it is a good idea to work with a corporate lawyer when writing up and sharing these important documents.

Handling Major Changes With the Business

Major changes might happen from time to time with your company. For example, individuals who are in top positions might retire or resign, and new employees might have to be brought on for these jobs. When coming up with employment contracts and otherwise handling these major changes, it is important to make sure that everything is done right. A corporate lawyer can help with writing up employment contracts and more.

Handling Any Legal Issues That Pop Up

No matter how careful employees and upper management might be to run a business the right way, legal issues might pop up. This is particularly true when you are dealing with a large-scale, publicly traded company. It is important to get good legal advice from the beginning when these situations arise so that they can be handled in the best way possible.

A corporate lawyer might be able to help with your publicly traded company in a number of ways. Hire one of these attorneys for help with the above-mentioned matters and more. For more information, contact legal professionals like Jeannie M. Urbani, MBA, JD Attorney at Law.

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