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Three Tips For Divorcing When Your Spouse Won't Speak To You

Communication is the system that can make or break a marriage. Once proper communication breaks down, the marriage almost always goes downhill. Sometimes the communication in a marriage is perfectly fine until one person asks for a divorce. If you and your future ex-spouse are no longer speaking to one another, this can make a divorce more difficult. Here are three tips for dealing with a divorce where your spouse has cut off all communication. 

Ask for a court mediator

Many courts, and even some law offices have mediators who can act as a go-between for parents who are no longer on speaking terms or are on bad terms. The mediator can suggest a method of contact, such as email. Emailing can take place with the help of the mediator as a go-between who can be copied on all communications or can actually forward the information to the appropriate parent. Ask your law firm first if they have a mediator or can help you get set up with one.

Make all communication written

One of the most protective forms of communication is written communication. If you or your spouse do not feel comfortable speaking to one another any longer, suggest that the two of you attempt to speak via written letters. These should be written in your own handwriting so that your handwriting styles can be distinguished from one another in the event of a legal issue. Written letters are also a good way to get out what you want to say to one another without any sort of heated discussions. If there are any personal issues that need to be discussed during the divorce in order to properly divide property, do this through personal letters passed through your attorneys. 

Call in the family

Though you and your ex-spouse may no longer wish to speak, there is a chance that there are diplomatic parties in your family who can speak to one another without a problem. This may be both sets of parents or both sets of siblings. Find a spokesperson in your family who is willing to speak for you and communication with your ex-spouse and their family on your behalf. This will be especially helpful when you need to move property from one place to another or request items from your former spouse. Familial help will also give you a support system to lean on when you are trying to get your new life in order while moving on alone.

For more tips, consult with a divorce law attorney.

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