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How An Early Hospital Discharge Can Result In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

When you go through a hospital stay, you should have an expectation to be thoroughly cared for and in good health when you are discharged. However, there are times when a person can be discharge too soon for a variety of reasons. If you do not feel you were thoroughly healed upon discharge and it resulted in an injury, it is considered malpractice and you can file a lawsuit. The following are some things you should know if you want to go this route:

How to Know If You Have a Case

Hospitals and medical practitioners are required to provide a medical standard of care. This simply means that they are to help you with equal level of healthcare as they would give to anyone else. In other words, they are to treat you just as they would a VIP or a person of little financial means.

To demonstrate that you have a case of malpractice, you will need to prove that you were not given standard medical care as others may have in your same circumstance. For instance, if you were discharged before you should have been, you will need to find out if the same would have happened if you were under the care of another medical provider.

Certainty of Early Discharge

There could be any reason why you could have been discharged early. Sometimes, hospitals begin to fill up their census and need beds for more critical patients. In this instance, they may start discharging patients who are in better health. This may cause some people to suffer from further medical issues. Even so, you need to be able to show that you were discharged too soon.

One way to know if you were discharged too soon is if you are still having trouble managing your pain. You should also never leave the hospital until all of your tests have been run and you have received the results. You should never leave without speaking with your doctor or other healthcare professionals about follow-up care. You should also be provided with proper at-home care instructions.

Proving Your Case

You will need to be able to sufficiently prove your case to win a medical malpractice claim due to early discharge. One of the best things you can do is visit another doctor for a check-up and a second opinion. You will need to do this as soon as possible so that you can be properly evaluated in the medical state in which you were discharged. The doctor you choose to see needs to be someone objective who did not treat you during this hospital stay. This doctor can serve as an expert witness in court to describe why you were hurt due to early discharge.

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