Talking About Family Court Proceedings

What To Know About Your Personal Injury Court Appearance

If, despite your hopes of an out-of-court settlement, you now find yourself in court, you may be feeling a little bit nervous. It's only natural, especially when you consider that you have been waiting for the opportunity to have a wrong done to you righted by the justice system. If you take some time to learn what is ahead and be prepared for the courtroom experience, you may not only calm your nerves but also do a better job when it comes time for you to tell the story of how you were injured because of another person's negligence. Read on for an idea of what to expect once that gavel pounds.

Be patient and expect delays. The patience you've shown up to now must be continued since court cases tend to get bogged down and proceed at what seems to be a snail's pace at times. Court cases should not be expected to follow a predictable pattern since parties have other cases ongoing and court calendars are crowded.

Additionally, court procedure itself almost guarantees that your case will be interrupted and delayed by continuances, motions, hearings, and more. While some of these delays are important to one side or the other, some are mere formalities that are meant to cause delays on purpose to give one side or the other more time to prepare.

Be ready to have your personal life exposed in open court. From the very moment you file suit against the at-fault party, you are essentially opening your life up to exposure and scrutiny. It has become commonplace for defendants to pursue a background investigation of plaintiffs (you), and you can expect to have several areas of your life looked into. For example, you can expect and be prepared for a look into your criminal, employment, financial, educational, and personal relationship histories.

It cannot be over-emphasized that you need to be completely honest and upfront with your own attorney about any and all issues in any area in your background because you can rest assured that the other side will find any crack in your armor and use it to weaken your case against them. Give your attorney a fighting chance to dispute and refute any allegations by letting them know about these things ahead of time.

Be cool and calm on the stand. You can count on your legal team to prepare you for your time on the witness stand by doing some question and answer practice sessions. Be sure to do your part by reviewing your notes about the accident, your medical records, and any accident or police reports to refresh your memory and ensure that you won't get rattled by the opposing council.

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Talking About Family Court Proceedings

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