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Don't Get Surprised By These Sneaky Auto Accident Injuries

Almost everyone knows how important it is to get medical help after a car accident. However, many people turn down the offer of a trip to the emergency room after an accident. What those potential victims may not realize is that they could be making a huge mistake.

Hidden Dangers

Not all accident injuries are apparent right away. That can lead some victims to return home rather than be checked out at the hospital. Once you notice the signs of any of the sneaky auto accident injuries below, speak to a doctor right away, even if it has been days or weeks after an accident. It's better to move forward with a clean bill of health than to wonder about things and wait too long.

Bone Fractures

Bones don't necessarily need to be completely broken to cause serious damage. A fracture is when a bone is cracked but doesn't separate. Serious fractures will become apparent more quickly than a hairline fracture but they both can be debilitating. If you notice pain anywhere, see a doctor and have some X-rays performed. You need professional medical help for any type of fracture.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Car accidents can be very traumatic to those involved. You cannot judge the level of mental damage by injuries, the wrecked vehicle, the location, or anything else except the way the accident affects a victim. PTSD may not occur until months after an accident happens and can take everyone by surprise. General symptoms to watch out for include anxiety, eating problems, depression, mood changes, nightmares, and reliving the accident time and time again. Seek mental health treatment at once. Support, therapy, meditation, and other coping mechanisms can bring relief.

Brain Injuries

Like PTSD, this accident injury may take a bit of time to become noticeable. If you notice any unusual symptoms like dizziness, memory issues, concentration problems, and other brain function disturbances, speak to a doctor at once.

What To Know

The above is only a partial list of medical issues that can pop up later for accident victims. For your health's sake as well as ensuring you are paid for your accident damages, the sooner you get medical treatment the better. Here is what to do:

  1. Seek medical help and let the practitioner know about the accident.
  2. Don't speak to the other driver's insurer for any reason.
  3. Don't use social media to post about your accident or injuries.
  4. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and get help with your accident claim. Sneaky injuries can often be some of the worst and the most long-lasting. That means you could require long-term care for your injuries. Don't agree to a settlement without a lawyer's help or you could be leaving money on the table.

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