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3 Things Your Child Custody Lawyer Should Be Able To Help You With Over Time

Hiring a child custody lawyer will help ensure that you're able to negotiate fair custody and visitation terms that are in the best interest of everyone involved. But your attorney can support you after custody has been hashed out. Here's how:

Arrange Special Visitations

There may come times in the future when you or your ex-spouse wants to arrange special visitations that aren't already stipulated in the custody orders for vacations or other reasons. Even if neither of you mind making special visitation arrangements once in awhile, it's a good idea to make sure that the visitations are documented in case you need to go back to court at some point in the coming years.

So in addition to helping you hash out the original child custody plan, your lawyer should be able to arrange special visitations for you and make sure that you both agree to those visitations in writing before they actually happen. In short, they'll be there to make sure that the visitations are "official" so you don't end up back in court due to a misunderstanding or disagreement.

Ensure the Custody Orders are Upheld

If your spouse decides to challenge your child custody orders at any point in the future, you can count on your attorney to represent you during the negotiation process and help ensure that you don't lose the control that you deserve to maintain as a parent of your children. And you may want to agree to a change to the visitation terms but with certain stipulations in place. In this case, your child custody lawyer would step in for you and make sure that those stipulations are agreed to as well as documented for the court. Of course, you'll also have access to your attorney when custody questions and concerns come up.

Help Negotiate New Child Custody Terms

As your children get older and your family's circumstances change, it may become necessary to create an entirely new child custody order to follow. One parent may move out of state, which would dramatically change the schematics of visitation with the kids. Or the kids might choose to live with a different parent than they have been when they're teenagers, in which case you'll have to go back to court and have the judge order new custody terms altogether.

Contact your child custody lawyer, such as those at Cragun Law Firm, to schedule an in-person consultation appointment so you can learn more about the ongoing services they'll be able to provide you with in the coming years.

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Talking About Family Court Proceedings

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