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Obtaining A Fiance Visa In The United States: Common FAQs

Falling in love with someone who does not live in this country can definitely pose a lot of relationship challenges. But one big challenge that will come along with such a long-distance relationship is just getting your true love here to this country in a legal way so they can be with you. Applying for a fiance visa is one way to bring the two of you together if you do intend to get married soon after your significant other gets here. Here is a look at some of the common questions about getting a fiance visa in the United States. 

It is best to hire an attorney even though it is not required. 

Anyone can fill out the forms to apply for a fiance visa on their own; it is not a legal requirement to find an attorney to help you do that. However, it is always a better idea to work with a fiance visa attorney when you are applying for this kind of thing. The attorney can be your guide through the entire ordeal, but they can also help you out if you run into any obstacles, if the process seems to be taking longer than it should, and more. 

Which is better: a fiance visa or a spouse visa?

Both the fiance visa and the spouse visa are actually quite similar in both the application process and how the visa works once it is approved. However, the fiance visa is actually the more preferred process for most couples because getting a fiance visa tends to be the faster process over getting a spouse visa. There are not as many steps to go through if the marriage, which is a legal arrangement, occurred in another country besides the United States. For example, if you and your spouse were married in Pakistan, and you came back home as a U.S. resident, obtaining the legal documents to prove your marriage can be time-consuming. 

Do fiance visas always get approved?

It can be intimidating to think that you could go through the process of trying to obtain a fiance visa and never get anywhere. However, for the majority of people that apply, everything works out, and the visa is approved. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in 2016, there were 52,885 fiance visa applications and 47,898 approvals, which goes to show that the majority of the applications do get approved. 

Contact your local fiance visa lawyer today to learn more. 

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