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Motorcycle-Accident Claims: 3 Things You Should Do Before Bringing Your Bike in for Repairs

The thrill of driving a motorcycle comes with many risks. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die from an accident than those driving a car. Due to the lack of protection offered by the motorcycle, motorcyclists often are more severely injured in accidents—even if the accidents appear to be rather minor. If you intend on filing a motorcycle-accident claim and getting full compensation for your losses, you need to build a strong case. Read More 

Effects Of Personal Injury Settlements On Bankruptcy Cases

If you were left with major injuries from a car accident, you might be able to seek a large settlement from the responsible party through a personal injury lawsuit. This is a right that you have; however, if you are also considering filing bankruptcy, there are several things you should know. Bankruptcy can affect a personal injury claim, so it is wise to handle this situation properly before making any decisions. Read More 

Restaurant Food Burns: 5 Factors That May Impact Your Case

Enjoying a night out to eat can easily be hampered due to a personal injury. One of the more common injuries you may come across at a restaurant is a food burn injury. Food burns can occur in your mouth and other parts of your body if the food is spilled. If you're seeking compensation for your injuries and emotional damage, then there are several factors in the case to the consider. Read More 

How To Regain Custody Of Your Children After Spending Time In Prison

If you are a parent who was convicted of a crime and spent time in prison, you may be worried about regaining physical custody after you have been released.  Know Whether You Are Eligible to Gain Custody  There are certain felony convictions that automatically revoke your right to physical or legal custody. These convictions vary from state to state but generally include violent crimes, domestic abuse, and child abuse. In some states, a felony conviction for drug possession or a DUI may also negatively impact your ability to gain custody of your children once you have served your prison sentence. Read More 

Facing Foreclosure? How Can You Slow The Process?

If you've recently fallen behind on your mortgage payments and have received a summons and complaint from your lender, you've entered the first step of the mortgage foreclosure process. You probably feel panicked, and may be wondering whether there are any available options that will allow you to keep the house you've made a home. Fortunately, a number of federal and state banking regulations now provide you with some safeguards against what can seem like an inevitable and impersonal process. Read More 

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Talking About Family Court Proceedings

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