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Do You Have A Faulty Hip Implant?

Innovations in health science and technology make it possible for those with deteriorating hips to once again enjoy life. Sometimes, however, that enjoyment can turn to agony. Bad product designs by implant manufacturers are causing thousands to suffer from serious health problems and to lose their treasured mobility. Read below and learn more about how to be paid for your hip implant problems.

Understanding Hip Problems

The hip joint is among the most-used in the human body. It must hold our weight as we walk and allow us to bend as we sit. This joint can break down over time and the causes can be from aging, medications that damage the bones, and from bone-wasting diseases. Joint replacement surgery introduces devices that bring relief to untold thousands of people, letting them walk relatively free of pain.

Understanding Implants

The hip is composed of two main parts—the ball and the socket. The implant is an artificial ball that moves inside a cup. These artificial parts can be composed of a number of durable and lightweight materials. Your implant might be composed of:

  • ceramic
  • plastic
  • chromium
  • cobalt

Most implants are comprised of a combination of those materials. It is the joints made of metal that are causing the problems. The problem implants are often made of a combination of chromium and cobalt.

Understanding the Problems with Hip Implants

When the metal that makes up the implant undergoes stress from use, it can cause metal deterioration. This deterioration then leads to implant failure. The joint fails to do its job because the metal has broken down and has no structural integrity. That is far from the only issue with metal hip implants, however. That same tendency for the metal to deteriorate can also send metal fragments and flakes into a victim's bloodstream. The metal from the implant can cause a dangerous and debilitating condition known as metallosis.

Understanding the Signs of Problems

Product manufacturers can be sued for the faulty hip implants and you should begin to assemble proof of the harm done as soon as possible. See your physician if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Pain in the hip, leg, groin, or lower back.
  • Problems walking, standing and sitting.
  • Swelling in the hip area.
  • Numbness

Understand How to Take Action

Knowing the type of implant you have and the manufacturer is vital. You have a right to access the needed information so contact the surgeon that performed the total hip replacement surgery. Use a journal on a daily basis to record your discomfort and pain and speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Take action no matter how long you've had your implant—it may not be too late as long as you act upon your recent knowledge of the problem.

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